Robot Kobold (Robold) [VRChat Avatar]

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The Robold is here! A fully featured custom made model, ready for upload to VRChat.

Current Version: 1.2

Avatar Features include:

  • Avatar 3.0 setup
  • Full body tracking capability
  • Visemes
  • Eight extra color palettes
  • Mining Laser particles! Comes in two configurations: Fracture Mode and Extraction Mode
  • Radial control for Iris scale
  • Unique Eyelid and Mouth visemes for making fun expressions
  • Toggles for the Cuffs, Material Storage Unit, Chestplate, Tail, and Breasts

PC Version Requires:

Quest Version Requires:

This purchase includes:

  • Unity package for both PC and Quest versions of the Avatar, fully featured and ready to upload right away
  • Layered Photoshop files for creating custom textures
  • Blender file for customizing the model itself
  • Readme with instructions, feature list, and ToS
  • Changelog

Terms of Service:

  • You may edit the avatar for private use in any way you want.
  • Do NOT redistribute or sell the avatar or any of its assets.
  • Do NOT upload as a public avatar. I have uploaded a public demo version for people to try out if they are interested in purchasing the avatar.
  • You may commission/request someone else to make edits to the avatar and its assets, so long as you both have purchased it.
  • You may use the Robold for streaming/Vtubing, so long as credit is provided.

If you have any comments or questions (or would like to show me cute Robold pictures you've taken) feel free to contact me via Twitter.

Thank you!!


04/22/2022 - Version 1.2

  • Updated scripts to accomodate VRChat's new Avatar Dynamics system. The Dynamic Bones script is no longer necessary!
  • Combined the PC and Quest unitypackages into one. This means some stuff got renamed and moved around, any edits you have made from before might break, sorry!
  • Added the Robold's Blender file (finally).

09/24/2021 - Version 1.1a

  • Replaced missing animation files for Excited Mouth and Bedroom Eyes.

09/22/2021 - Version 1.1

  • Added toggles for the Cuffs, Chestplate, and Breasts. More customization options!
  • Rearranged the avatar menu to accomodate the new toggles.
  • Slightly optimized the FX logic. Less animation files to clog up your Unity project.

09/20/2021 - Version 1.0

  • Launch

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12 ratings
  • Fully featured Avatar for use in VRChat on both PC and Quest

  • Fully featured Avatar for use in VRChat on both PC and Quest


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Robot Kobold (Robold) [VRChat Avatar]

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